Sunday, September 3, 2023

Spooky Hello

 I can't believe it is September already!  I tried bringing out fall decorations in August and got a lot of push back from my family for trying to prematurely end summer.  Now that it is September, I can go crazy with the Halloween and Fall decorations and they can't say anything! 

The card that I'm sharing today is from the new Spooky Sightings stamp set from The Rabbit Hole Designs.  I don't mind most animals and insects but I'm not a fan of spiders, even the harmless ones freak me out.  My kids still make fun and mimic me for the "black widow dance" I did once when I thought a black widow ran up my pant leg while unpacking a tent.  I was traumatized but everyone else thinks it is the funniest memory ever. I would definitely not want a spider hanging down to say Hello to me but it goes well with the season 😁

I didn't really have a plan in mind when I started this card but I quickly decided to get away from the yellow and oranges of fall season and go for a pink and black color scheme.  I colored the image the using pencils.

It took me a minute to decide what sentiment I wanted.  I am trying to allow myself to leave cards blank but I'm just not quite there yet so I had to have something.  I thought maybe Happy Halloween or Happy Birthday but it seemed like the spider hanging down by a giant Hello would be a better fit.  I used the "Just wanted to say Hello" sentiment from the Hello Scripty 3x4 stamp set.  I stamped the word Hello using my Misti because I can't possibly stamp without it.

Lastly, I used the A2 Acetate Shaker Sheets to turn this relatively simple card front into something fun and interactive.  I always start by attaching only two sides of the acetate sheet so that I have enough room to add sequins. I used to attach three sides and dump the sequins in from the top but I like having more room to adjust the sequins and make sure they are all flat before I attach the last sides. I chose pink and black sequins from my stash to match the color scheme of the card. 

Here is a little glimpse into my craft room.  I love my sequin storage area!  I used acrylic nail polish holders and stuck them to the wall with clear command strips.  

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